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Vantage America Solutions, Inc.

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  • Glucose Meter Talks --
    English and Spanish
  • Alternate Site Testing --
    No More Finger Pricking
  • Tiny Sample Size
  • History Tracking --
    7 days to 90 days memory
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  • Nine Years of Experience
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Vantage America Solutions, Inc.

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If you test three times per day:

Wal-Mart® $1,623.16/year
Walgreens® $1,867.86/year
Walgreens Brand® $1,801.61/year® $1,693.11/year® $1,576.38/year
Our Program $678.00/year

It is our goal to provide reliable, affordable testing supplies to the thousands of diabetics that are uninsured or under-insured or have to pay out of pocket.

We know what the strain of high priced diabetic supplies and medications can do to a family's budget, and we can help.

Vantage America Solutions, Inc.

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